Electric Vehicles Need Home Charging Stations

You picking up a new electric vehicle this weekend. The electric powered vehicles on the market are working off a bank of batteries that power the vehicle to go. The batteries have a short life of approximately 300 miles before a new charge needs to be given to the battery.

Having a charging station or home plugin will give you and opportunity to plug in the car every evening to charge up the batteries for the next day.

When a battery takes several hours to charge, it’s nice to know that your battery charging stating is in the garage.

How about the electric bill after you get the electric vehicle and charger?

In Maricopa County Southeast Valley there is a business that is installing Demand Managers to help with the electricity cost.

Those power SRP bills can get crazy when your not on a specific plan. And with our Demand Manager computer controlling your electricity usage you have no problems with you electric bill.

Many homeowners have been adding solar to control their cost. But adding solar comes at a hefty $20,000 or more price tag. Or you can just put your solar under a long term lease and hope there are not issues when you go to sell.

Stop the car and plug in your electric vehicle. Save money using our demand manager. No worries about those Salt River Project electric bills anymore.